Will you discover the Seldom Seen of Morecambe Bay this Bank Holiday?

'I've always been meaning to go there'... sound familiar? We have so many beautiful places on our doorstep and they're often on our 'to do' list, yet we never quite make it, there's always something more pressing to do.

Well now is your chance to rectify the situation... Grab one of our unique illustrated maps and head out to explore our spectacular coastal corner of England this bank holiday weekend... you're in for a treat! full story

Be a good egg this Easter!

This Easter, people all over the country (and further afield!) will be preparing a delicious roast dinner for friends and family. Thousands of families will also don their willies and walking boots and head out to their local beach for some fresh air and beautiful scenery.

But, did you know that by not cleaning up after your roast dinner properly you could be damaging the water quality at your local beach? full story

Only Rain Down the Drain!

Have you ever seen someone pour something down the drain in the street, maybe paint, detergent or oil? Acts like this may seem harmless, but they negatively affect the cleanliness of the UK’s rivers and seas and as a consequence, can have big impacts on wildlife.

Therefore, this month, Morecambe Bay Partnership is supporting the #RainDownTheDrain campaign to ensure that everyone completing a Spring Clean this year disposes of liquid substances safely in order to protect the UK’s rivers and seas. full story