TV Archaeologist heading to Morecambe Bay

TV Archaeologist heading to Morecambe Bay

TV Archaeologist, Oliver Hutchinson is heading to Morecambe Bay as part of an event to shed light on the hidden past of the Bay’s coastline, and local people are invited to join him.

Morecambe Bay Partnership’s FREE ‘Coastal Archaeology and Palaeoenvironmental Training Day’ on Wednesday 30th May, at The Forum, Barrow, invites local people to learn from experts who will share their experience of identifying, working on and recording coastal and palaeoenvironmental sites. There will be a series of workshops giving participants skills in artefact identification, site recognition and recording, and best practice for working on and reporting discoveries along the shore and a chance to go out on site on Thursday 31st May to put their newly gained skills into practice.

Talks will be given by some of the UK’s leading experts on the subject, including - Oliver Hutchinson, best known from Channel 4’s Britain at Low Tide and an archaeologist for CITiZAN South East, Professor Martin Bell from University of Reading, and Dr Sue Stallibrass, Historic England’s NW Science Advisor.

The coast of Morecambe Bay is under constant threat from wind, waves and winter storms. These threats wreak havoc on our varied coastal and intertidal heritage, not only exposing these sites but washing them away before they are ever seen – which is why it is vital that local people learn about identifying these sites, and know what to do if they see one emerge.

Morecambe Bay Partnership is committed to conserving and celebrating the unique culture and heritage of Morecambe Bay and is doing this with the help of CITiZAN (the Coastal and Intertidal Zone Archaeological Network) which has been set up in response to these dynamic threats to our island heritage.

 Tickets to the events in Barrow on Wednesday 3oth and Thursday 31st May are FREE but booking is required. Find out more and book your space today.