Morecambe Bay's Hidden Heritage Exhibition moves to Lancaster Maritime Museum

Morecambe Bay's Hidden Heritage Exhibition moves to Lancaster Maritime Museum

An exhibition that showcases the stories, memories and archaeology of Morecambe Bay’s past, as uncovered by the Bay’s communities over the last 5 years, opens in Lancaster.

From Saturday 10 November - Sunday 24 February 2019, the exhibition will be open to explore Morecambe Bay's past, at Lancaster Maritime Museum.

Morecambe Bay is a place like no other. With stunning sands, vast skies, majestic views and wild places, a landscape that has captivated us all. Hidden within it are mysterious ruins jutting from shifting sands, ancient archaeology sites, historical puzzles and tantalizing tales.

Using exciting new digital technologies alongside traditional research techniques Morecambe Bay Partnership and the Bay’s communities have helped unearth some of the Bay’s lesser known maritime, industrial and archaeological stories. New facts have emerged, myths and legends explored, ancient sites revealed, and spellbinding memories collected.

This exhibition, opening at Lancaster Maritime Museum on 10 November, celebrates the unsung yet extraordinary lives of people from all corners of the Bay and presents some fascinating new discoveries about the Bay’s industrial and maritime past, the people who called it home and explores the wild, wonderful and yet warmly human nature of this unique and spectacular corner of Britain.

Michelle Cooper from the Partnership explains:

“The exhibition is a wonderful opportunity to celebrate and share the achievements of hard working volunteers from all around Morecambe Bay who have been unearthing, recording and researching hidden stories and archaeology from all around the Bay. Since 2014 the Morecambe Bay Partnership Headlands to Headspace HLF scheme has enabled community training in heritage skills and delivered important heritage projects to accurately record aspects of the Bay’s heritage for future generations that are at risk of disappearing forever. The exhibition offers a way of showcasing just a tiny proportion of the amazing work that has been achieved so far and invites people to delve into some of the extraordinary material we have been collecting.”

Visitor to the exhibition will learn more about the Bay’s hidden heritage, its industrial past – uncovering lesser known occupations such as salt making. They will hear the tales of a unique fishing heritage and how swimming has taken a special place in the community’s collective memory. They will see how ‘Digital Digging’ is revealing exciting new ways of recording and discovering archaeology on the Bay, including sites at Warton Crag, Gleaston Castle and Walney Island. And be invited to those special hidden spots that mean so much to the people that live here.

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