Forests, Footprints and Fauna

Forests, Footprints and Fauna

Follow in the footsteps of the Bay's ancient inhabitants with our new volunteer training project.

Morecambe Bay's ever-shifting sands regularly expose ancient land surfaces where prehistoric communities hunted thousands of years ago. A prehistoric woodland landscape is revealed by fallen tree stumps embedded in the clays and its use by Stone Age hunter-gatherers is preserved as animal remains and footprints.

The land surfaces and features are exposed through tidal processes and storms, sometimes only for a matter of hours before the next tide removes all evidence that they were there. People from this period of history left little evidence for their daily activities so we must record these clues before they are lost forever. Photo of a women's fossilised footprint discovered at Formby

How can you help?

We would like volunteers who live around Walney Island and the Duddon Estuary to work alongside professionals to study this fascinating part of the coast. Our team is partnering with experts in the field, including prehistoric footprint specialist Dr Alison Burns, to train you in all the skills you need to find, record, and research these traces of past communities.

The training will initially take place by Zoom video calls, which we can teach you how to use. We are hoping to run group fieldwork sessions later in the year.

If you would like to volunteer for this project please let us know by filling in your contact details here