Catch the Fishing Hut as it travels around the Bay

Catch the Fishing Hut as it travels around the Bay

Telling the stories of Morecambe Bay’s rich fishing heritage.

Throughout the summer we have been following The Fishing Hut, a handcrafted traveling gallery shed, as it has been appearing at various coastal events and locations around Morecambe Bay.

This beautifully decorated‘pop-up’ gallery, designed by artists Hannah Foxand John Fox, [and made by Duncan Copley] has been inspired by Morecambe Bay Partnership’s oral history project- collecting memories of the Bay’s fishing communities for future generations. The oral history project focuses on the small inshore fishing communities especially those at Flookburgh, Morecambe and Sunderland Point, it is in these communities that the hut seems so at home.

The oral history project is part of the Headlands to Headspace Scheme.

Last year we commissioned Hannah and John to respond to the projects’ extensive audio archive of interviews. A commission that resulted in The Fishing Hut, a veritable box of delights rooted in the Bay's fishing heritage. Hannah, who accompanies the hut, invites visitors to step inside and enjoy a kaleidoscope of her short, animated films 'The Child's Eye View' which explores growing up in a fishing family where work, play and education often intertwine. John has listened to the stories and combined themes to create a stunning illustrated account - 20 colourful postcards, each one printed with one of his iPad images on the front, and on the back a different story that inspired the artwork. You can take a set home as a souvenir of your visit to the hut and read all the stories at your leisure and ‘hear’ the people as they tell tales that explore and celebrate the culture and heritage of the fishing communities around the Bay. 

“We were fishing off Blackpool when the fog set in. Uncle Charlie went rigidly calm. ‘What’s up?’ I asked, ‘Its two hours back to Morecambe’ he replied. Sounds are odd in the mist. I could just hear the jangle of the fairground organ and maybe even the tram on the prom. I wanted to be on the tram. I wanted to be ashore

" I picked shrimps for six pence a jam jar"

"I didn’t have any boyfriends when I was growing up, me boat was my gentlemen friend"

 “When I was girl, about 12, I came down stairs in the middle of the night to get a glass of water. The night before dad had caught a basket of eels…but the lid was faulty and they had escaped. A slimy mass of wriggling all over the kitchen floor.

"I remember going out fishing and seeing elephants being bathed off the shores of Blackpool from the zoo"

Or find friendly café and enjoy the stories while you are still smelling the sea and hearing the call of the curlews as there chase the receding tide.

The Fishing Hut continues its travels and can be seen at West End, Morecambe at the Make My DayFestival on Sunday 5 August, 12pm - 5pm and Heysham Heath on Monday 6 August, 11am - 4pm. It will also be making an appearance at Lakes Aliveat Abbot Hall Park in Kendal on Saturday 8 September.

This project is kindly supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, Arts Council England, The Hadfield Trust & Lancaster Port Commission

More about the events here:  Festival of the Bay 2018 events