Be a good egg this Easter!

Be a good egg this Easter!

This Easter, people all over the country (and further afield!) will be preparing a delicious roast dinner for friends and family. Thousands of families will also don their willies and walking boots and head out to their local beach for some fresh air and beautiful scenery.

But, did you know that by not cleaning up after your roast dinner properly you could be damaging the water quality at your local beach?

If hot fats and oils, meat juices or leftover food are poured down the sink (even with hot water and washing up liquid) the fat soon sets hard in the cold pipes. This can cause blockages in your own home, but can also cause issues further down the line. When it mixes with unflushable items, such as wet wipes, baby wipes and sanitary items, it creates what is known as a Fatberg. Click here to read about a monster fatberg found in London that weighed the same as 11 double decker buses!

The Fatbergs clog sewer pipes which stops wastewater from reaching the treatment works as intended. This means the risk of sewage spilling out into our homes, streets, rivers and seas is substantially increased.

This Easter, we're asking people across the UK to help keep our beaches and seas clean by making sure all their leftover cooking fats and oils are put in the bin rather than poured down the sink.

Here’s some simple steps you can follow:

  1. Scrape or pour leftover fat from roasting trays and pans into a heat resistant container then recycle or bin it once cooled
  2. Wipe leftover grease from pans with kitchen roll before washing
  3. Use a sink strainer to catch any greasy food scraps