02/2021 Events

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Tue, 02 Feb 2021 19:00

Morecambe Bay Sunset Series: Warton Crag: An Iron Age Hill Fort - or is it?

Join Kevin Grice for his fascinating reinterpretation of Warton Crag 'Iron Age hill fort'.

Kevin will discuss recent research on the Iron Age hill fort on Warton Crag. He will explore both the antiquarian and twentieth-century documentary sources and evaluate the results of recent LiDAR imaging.

He will contrast the different views on the possible date and function of the monument including modern re-interpretations.

Kevin will consider whether its dating may be more complex than previously thought and he will set out an alternative hypothesis and suggest further investigations.


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Tue, 16 Feb 2021 19:00

Morecambe Bay Sunset Series: The Matchless Disaster

Join Simon Williams as he shares his research on Morecambe Bay’s Forgotten Tragedy.

In 1894 a pleasure boat sunk just off the Silverdale coast resulting in the greatest loss of life Morecambe Bay has seen. Simon Williams, Chair of the Mourholme Local History Society, has traced the story of all those on the boat that day, the likely cause of the accident, and the aftermath.


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