09/2020 Events

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Tue, 29 Sep 2020 19:00

Morecambe Bay Sunset Series: Learn to ID the Birds of the Bay

Love birds but struggle to tell a greenshank from a godwit? Why not join Morecambe Bay Partnership to pick up some hints and tips to improve your ID skills ...

Struggling to tell your plovers from your pintails? Fear not, Morecambe Bay Partnership Sunset Series has you covered with a fun and informative online bird ID course with our experienced and knowledgable Nature and Wildlife Officer.

We'll go through all of the most commonly seen birds of Morecambe Bay, and you'll learn little hints and tips to get your wader and wildfowl ID down to a fine art.

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Wed, 30 Sep 2020 18:30

Natural Ambassadors Volunteers Online Introduction

Morecambe Bay is a haven for wildlife... But it is in trouble. Will you be a Natural Ambassador for Morecambe Bay's Birds?

Morecambe Bay Partnership is looking for friendly, passionate people to join our brilliant team of Natural Ambassador volunteers. Natural Ambassadors engage, educate, and inspire visitors to the coast to protect the birdlife that makes our shores special, providing an essential role in protecting them from the ever increasing threat of disturbance. The more Natural Ambassadors we have, the greater our impact will be on protecting our amazing wild birds. Sign up to this free online induction session to find out more about becoming a Natural Ambassador. 

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