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Fri, 14 May 2021 19:00

Sunset Series: *BONUS EVENT*: Saving the South Cumbrian Curlews

Curlews are in trouble. Without action, we may lose these charismatic birds from our landscapes forever...

This talk is all about curlews in South Cumbria, and the local action that is happening now to ensure the remaining nesting birds have a successful season.

Curlews are facing catastrophic declines worldwide - every nest is crucial for the survival of the species.

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Tue, 18 May 2021 19:00

Sunset Series: Farming & Waders with Patrick Laurie

Join guest speaker Patrick Laurie to hear about breeding waders on his Galloway Farm.

Patrick Laurie is a freelance journalist and farmer based in Galloway. He is a farmer and conservationist, and champion of wader conservation. The talk will be about our rapidly disappearing breeding wading birds like curlew, lapwing and oystercatcher, and what can be done to protect these birds before it is too late...


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Tue, 15 Jun 2021 19:00

Sunset Series: Crossing the Sands

Discover the extraordinary history of crossing the sands of Morecambe Bay with historian Dr Bill Shannon

Until the coming of the railways, the main way from Lancaster to Ulverston, Millom and beyond, was across the sands of the Bay at low tide, accompanied by a guide. Prior to the Reformation, these men were employed by the monasteries as an act of charity: but afterwards the Duchy of Lancaster took on the role. However, even before the coming of the monasteries, back to the Romans and earlier, people were using the Bay as their highway.

Follow in their footsteps with local historian, Dr Bill Shannon, as your guide.

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