The Bay's Past - Your heritage

Morecambe Bay has an incredibly rich heritage. We are helping the Bay's communities to discover, record, understand, explore and celebrate this unique heritage landscape.

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Why are we interested in the Bay's past?

We want to ensure that the importance of the Bay's cultural and built heritage is recognised locally, nationally and internationally, to ensure that it is looked after long into the future.

The Bay's register of historic assets is unprecedented, including historic promenades, follies and lookouts, Iron Age hillforts, a Bronze Age stone circle, the railway, and areas of industry. It holds a unique cultural richness; nationally important for its maritime and WWI and WWII heritage, with exciting archaeological finds,a concentration of ritual and religious sites and a traditional fishing heritage that is unique to the area.

But some unique and critically important features of the Bay's history are in danger of being lost, overlooked or forgotten.

What are we doing?

Morecambe Bay Partnership is dedicated to ensuring the Bay's heritage is recorded, conserved, understood and, most importantly, celebrated. We are engaging the communities around the Bay in innovative projects about their shared cultural heritage, from the first human habitation (through archaeology) to the memories of veteran fishermen (through oral history recording and celebration). We are

Find out more about our history and heritage projects and the Bay's intriguing past here.

We are grateful to the Heritage Lottery Fund who are helping us to deliver this important work on recording, understanding, conserving and celebrating the Bay's cultural and built heritage, through our Headlands to Headspace Landscape Partnership Scheme.